Pupil Teams

Ministers of Faith

Pupils apply for the role of Minister of Faith each year.  The job description requires for us to want to follow Jesus as part of our vocation in life.

We do an important job in school.   One of our jobs is during Mass; we help lead the offertory procession by handing out the gifts.  We support each year group as they go up for Holy Communion, by reminding them to put their hands together or placing their hand across their chest. 

Please find a picture of our Ministers of Faith for 2017/18.


Virtues Team

The team meets every half term to discuss and prepare the power point for the following half term, which will be used in class, on the next set of virtues.

We all have a special gold badge so the whole school knows that we are the team.  If anybody wants to know what the Virtues mean they can come to one of our team members.  We also have a special school assembly about the Virtues to make sure the whole school knows about them.  Mrs Walsh does that, but she could ask for our help.  Our Virtues Team follow the Catholic Schools Pupil Profile - please click the link to view.

Catholic Schools Pupil Profile - St Elizabeth's School

Everybody is looking forward to the responsibility and takes their job really seriously.  Our team is run by Mrs Bernstein.  Please find a picture of the Virtues Team 2017/18.