Virtues Team


What do the Virtues team do?

Here is the 2016/17 Virtues Team.  We meet every half term to discuss the new Virtues for the next half term.   We all have a special gold badge so the whole schools knows that we are the team.  Once we have discussed the Virtues for the half term, we create a powerpoint presentation to share with our class.  If anybody wants to know what a Virtue means they can come to one of the team members.  We also have a school assembly about our Virtues to make sure the whole school knows about them - Mrs Walsh speaks in the assembly but she could ask for our help.  Out Virtues Team follow the Catholic Schools Pupil Profile - please click the link to view.

Catholic Schools Pupil Profile - St Elizabeth's School

Everybody is looking forward to the responsibility and takes their job really seriously.  Our team is run by Mrs Bernstein.