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Parent Overview Autumn Term - Will you read me a story? Are we there yet?


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Autumn One 2017

During the Autumn term 2017 Reception have been looking at traditional tales, in particular the story of Goldilocks and Three Bears. The children have been exploring the beginning middle and end of the story and creating their own stories using character bags while focusing on sequencing the story.

We received a letter from baby bear who was very sad and we discussed how our actions could upset others and we spoke about how we could make baby bear feel better and decided to make porridge for baby bear…it was so delicious!

We have also been busy learning lots of new sounds and working hard to recognise those sounds by mark making in the sand tray and building words using the magnetic letters.





As well as this we have been exploring our faith and taking part in prayer services to our class saint Mary. 

We have had so much fun settling in and making friends through playing and exploring using the sand trays, water trays and mud kitchen.

2016 - Reception have spent this half term settling into school.  We have made friends, started following routines and rules and we have developed our sharing skills.  We have enjoyed our topic 'Will you tell us a story?'  We made porridge for the Three Bears and made a new chair for poor Baby Bear!