Year Four


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Parent Overview Autumn Term - Road Trip USA and I am a Warrior


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Autumn One 2017

Year 4 have been very busy this half term. In mathematics we have been looking at different strategies to add and subtract. We have taken our learning deeper by using the bar model and the part whole model,  whereby we have to understand place value before we can even think about adding or subtracting numbers. In our science topic, we have been looking at electricity. We have identified and name different appliances and understood how electricity can be made naturally. We have designed, constructed and evaluated our own investigations looking at insulators and conductors by constructing a simple circuit. This half term we have had the luxury of cooking American style pretzels in Design & Technology. This linked to our topic on ‘USA Road trip’. We took a flight simulation to New York City and learnt all about the physical and human features of the famous landmarks of America.



Autumn One 2016

Please find some pictures of the activities children have been enjoying during the first term in school, including drawings upon our topic Road Trip USA.