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Parent Overview Spring 2018 - What type of man would behead his wife & How has Staffordshire changed over time?
Parent Overview Autumn Term - Black Death and Alchemy Island


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Autumn One 2017

During this first half term, year five students had the opportunity to visit QEMS, one of our local high schools, to take part in lessons from a selection of subject areas in a secondary school environment.  They absolutely loved their day, some of the highlights included creating soundscapes in music and creating 'Day of the Dead' masks in Art.  We had the opportunity to learn about forces in science, desert survival in geography and problem solving in maths.

In class, as part of the topic upon the plague, we have been getting into character, putting ourselves into the rotten shoes of a plague victim.  We have studied the impact that this terrible affliction had on local communities and have written our own 14th century diaries.  Come and read the gruesome details if you dare!



2016 - During the first half of the autumn term, Year Five explored Alchemy Island.  They followed a quest around this fictional island in search of gold.  They created maps and write fantasy narratives, as well as tracking their progress using grid references.  In P.E. Year Five worked upon their tennis skills.



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OFSTED Visit 16th January 2018 - 15th January 2018

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Y5 Primary Challenge Workshop - 11th October 2017







Y5 - Taster Day at QEMS - 11th October 2017

MacMillan Coffee Event - 26th September 2017

Rawlett School - Open Evening - 15th September 2017

KS2 Glow in the Dark Workshop - 6th June 2017

Y5 Space Centre - 24th May 2017

Easter Assembly - 31st March 2017

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