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Parent Overview Spring Term 2018 - Frozen Planets & Gallery Rebels
Parent Overview Autumn Term - A Child's War - Would you like to be an evacuee?


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Autumn Two 2017

Please find a selection of pictures illustrating some of te acitivites this term including our World War II topic, Bikeability and Commando Joes.


Autumn One 2017

Vocations Talk - Ann-Christy John came from the Vocations Department at the Diocese to talk about vocations.  She discussed with the children what vocations means.  A Vocation is a 'calling', Ann-Christy highlighted different people from the Old Testament who had been called by God.  Noah, Samuel, Ester.  Then she identified people from the New Testament, such as Mary.  Mary agreed to be the Mother of Jesus, she decided to take that 'calling' on.  She explained about how God created a perfect plan for our lives.  However, she explained that God's perfect plan may not be followed by us, we may choose our own path.  God is a loving Father and he gives us free will to choose for ourselves.  God knows us better than we know ourselves.  What kind of a person do you want to be?  What qualities do you have?  Could you be a Saint?  Yes or No.


Alton Castle - On Wednesday 13th September until Friday 15th September 2017, Year 6 went to Alton Castle for their residential retreat.  They took part in lots of activities.  They sang, prayed and took part in Mass.  They thoroughly enjoyed their time there and were sad to leave on the Friday.  They all have wonderful memories of their time there.





Latest News

New behaviour and discipline policy - 16th April 2018

Y2 & Y6 Sat's Meeting - 1st March 2018

INSET DAY Friday 26th January - 25th January 2018

OFSTED Visit 16th January 2018 - 15th January 2018

Mrs Cragg - Return from Maternity Leave - 19th December 2017

St Elizabeth's School is open tomorrow, Tuesday 12th December - 11th December 2017

St Elizabeth's School is open tomorrow, Tuesday 12th December. Please allow extra time for your journey and take care on the surrounding roads and footpaths which may be icy. School pathways have been gritted for you to use. Can children please wear appropriate footwear for walking safely.

Note: A decision regarding the carol concert at StJohns Church will be made tomorrow, consideration will be given to weather conditions and safety.

Thank you.

Michelle Walsh, Head Teacher.

School closed due to snow Monday 11th December - 10th December 2017

Due to the extreme weather conditions unforunately school will be closed to pupils on Monday 11th December

Y3 & Y6 Enrolment Mass - 2nd October 2017

MacMillan Coffee Event - 26th September 2017

Rawlett School - Open Evening - 15th September 2017

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