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Autumn One 2017

In Year 3, we have had a busy start to the year. As well as our super writing based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and doing fantastic number and calculation work in Maths, we have been busy baptising babies, being geologists, archaeologists and palaeontologists and have enjoyed keeping healthy through swimming sessions a dance workshop. We have also been reflecting on how we make good choices, so that we get on well together as God’s children.




In 2016, as part of our topic on prehistoric Britain, Year 3 had our own archaeology dig.  We were learning the steps archaeologists go through, beginning with marking out the area, then digging carefully with trowels.  Next we brushed the soil from artefacts before washing them in water using a toothbrush.  Finally we sorted the artefacts into find trays putting similar objects together.  We recorded our findings by taking photos and making notes with the IPad.